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Busy, Busy



Lately I've been soooo busy.

I need to do things to prepare my new er... whatever. It seems I became a new student in another University. I actually happy, but the assignment for the Orientation is kinda too -- too annoying. Yeah, I really getting pumped about the study, but unfortunately not for the Orientation.

By the way, for the Orientation, they told the new student to do stuff, and one of them is to make a postcard for our next year (future) self. It's kinda interesting so I got pumped up designing it. I don't know if this good or not, but I made this with the size 148x100mm, 600dpi (the image below is downsized), and as I'm a Japanese Literature student, I used japanese (I hope it's alright. I prepared the empty one too though. Here check it out.

Is it good? I think it's not very bad, I personally think it's too flowery for a male like me. But it's beautiful, so I really liked it.

 It is supposed to be sent for myself, so I put two lines for writing, not three because I figure it didn't need an address.