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Latest Site Update:

Welcome to my Homepage!

To navigate through the site, please use the top menu.

Welcome to my homepage.

I will update the contents regularly (even though you don't have to know ), and hoping to reach my goals.

What is my goals?

So in order to do that I enstablish this website. I really wanted to be able to get feedbacks and stuff, and I don't want to make my website on a place like blog or service websites that can not be migrated easily (if they stopped their services), so I realized it would be better if I make a website from scratch because that way I can always manage, migrate or change it if something unfortunate happened to the hosting services.

I really am, grateful for Neocities for providing these services for free. 

I hope I can be better and can achieve my goal. My site still lack of contents, and still under construction. So I thank you for your visit!

Please navigate the site using the top menu !  See you around