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Notice: I planned to do a story a small amount at a time, so it will be in parts. Thank you~ I wish for your suggestion and correction!


The Mystic Eyes (cheesy, so subject to change!)

It was a silent, calm and chilly afternoon. I walked through the small road that's hidden behind the bushes. It actually is a way to go home. I don't usually use it though, because I usually went home at night. Luckily, classes was cancelled today. So here I am. I jumped through the bushes and land on the small road. It is made of solid hexagonal concrete blocks, with the side decorated with brown-autumn colour ceramics. It's a pity that no one takes care of it, or at least clean the leaves on top of it. I passed many kinds of trees, like maple trees, oak trees, chestnut trees, and pine trees. As I enjoy the scenery, I didn't realize that there's a huge rock under my feet.


I tripped, scraped my arms. Blood started flowing out, not much, but it still hurts. I reached my bag and opened it.

"Oh god, I forgot I brought my laptop today... Hope that bump didn't broke it."

I panicked as the blood flowing out faster and faster. I hurriedly open my pouch inside my bag, take some tissues and an alcohol bottle. I poured some of the alcohol to the tissues, and wiped my wounds and blood. It stings, but I still managed to clean it properly. I used the remaining tissues to push my wounds, just to let it stop bleeding first. I sighed.

"I don't know if today supposed to be lucky or not. I'm happy I can just go home but...."

I peeked my wounds and it started to bleed again. I pushed it again as the blood seeps through the tissues.

"...well, I guess I'll just sit here for a bit."

I sat down on the side of the road and relaxed myself. I listened to the birds and the sound of leaves rustling together. There was a nice breeze in the early autumn, a bit chilly, but still nice. I looked up to see the sunlight between the leaves, and saw it sparkling endlessly. No one passed by like usual, so I was able to relax. I looked to the right and left, looking at the trees. Suddenly a different light shone for a moment. I stood up and walked to it.

I looked up and see something stuck between the branches. Without waiting, I kicked the tree. I didn't fell down, so I kicked it a few times, until it fell. I took it and put it in front of my eyes.

"What? Only a marble?"

I feel dissapointed, but feel fascinated by the marble. I began to question it.

"How did it ends up between the brances? Even if I place it between the branches, it would be difficult for it not to fall right away. "

I quickly dismissed my thoughts and looked at it again. It was a clear blue marble, with a crescent moon inside of it. I flip it and rotates it, only to see the crescent moon inside is not changed. Wherever from I looked at it, it still looked crescent moon.

"How is that possible?!"

I surprised and dropped it. It rolled and stopped at the tree roots. I squatted and took the marble, then I saw another sparkle between the roots, which I won't easily notice if I didn't squatted. I took the marble between the roots and looked it closer. Inside the red marble was a little star, with even more little stars surrounding it. The both of the marbles reflecting the sunlight between the leaves and sparkle. It was a weird and beautiful sparkle.

"I found two weird-- pretty marbles. I guess I was lucky!"

I put the two marbles together using my hands. Suddenly the marbles started to shone very brightly.


I put closed my eyes in reflex, and continue to do so until I feel no more dazzling light shining. I opened my eyes and wonder what was that. I just realized that the marbles in my hands are gone. I am sure I am holding it without dropping it. I just stood there for a few minutes, as it was confusing. Just what was happened?

I woke up from my dreamy state. I wiped my arm again, as I realized there's blood on my arm even though the wound had stopped bleeding. I guess I forgot to press it when I took the marbles.

"That was weird. But... oh well, I'll just go home."

I returned to the road and walked home.


...To be continued